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The Causes Of Bad Breath - Halitosis Guide

Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath caused by poor dental hygiene habits. The causes of the bad smell can vary and does not necessarily mean that person is not taking care of your dental health properly. Some may be caused by the natural odor of the food we eat and after eating garlic or onions. Other common causes of bad breath including morning breath, or a longer period not to speak can also cause bad breath.

There are known symptoms that can help people know that halitosis especially those who may not be aware that they have respiratory problems to talk to a person. First, people with dry mouth and halitosis experience can sometimes have difficulty swallowing or speaking. Inflammation of the gums or ulcers in the cheek, even the tongue and gums are the symptoms of halitosis. Food debris or particles that are deposited between the teeth, causing a buildup of bacteria which in turn leads to bad breath. This is the most common cause of bad breath from the accumulation of plaque on teeth.

Some people also have stomach and respiratory infections may end up with bad breath. People who drink alcohol and smoke too many who are graduates of spiritual matters. Worse, smokers have an increased risk of gum disease and oral cancer. Respiratory problems are caused by gum disease can still be treated with periodontal procedures, while cases of bad breath is caused by poor dental hygiene may only need to floss properly and proper brushing and mouthwash mouth.

Here are three common causes of bad breath that can be treated by changing your oral hygiene habits or a visit to the dentist:

1) The lack of oral hygiene - People who do not brush regularly are more likely to have halitosis. The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth in a particular language is the biggest culprit that causes bad breath. Poor oral hygiene also leads to tooth decay and gum disease, you need the experience of the dentist for treatment.

2) Power - People who eat spicy foods and those with low carbohydrates in their diet are candidates for bad breath. But there are healthy foods that can cause a bad smell like cabbage. Drinks with soft drinks and caffeine can also contribute to halitosis and tooth stains well. People who have gastritis also may have bad breath. Most people can feel it when you're too hungry, no food to eat.

3) airway inflammation - individuals with a cough and runny nose may occur due to bad breath is the accumulation of mucus that is trapped in the nose or fistulas. Those who have coughs and throat infections is also an accumulation of mucus as the culprit of bad breath.

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