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Causes Of Halitosis - What Makes Your Breath Smell

Halitosis or bad breath commonly known is a common problem that affects many people from all walks of life. While good oral hygiene may eliminate some cases of bad breath, chronic cases can be difficult to treat because the causes of halitosis in these cases may be deeper than the improper cleaning of the mouth and teeth.

Understanding the various causes of halitosis will definitely give you good ideas on how to get rid of this condition. It will also help prevent and help evaluate whether you have an explosion of accounts or a common chronic disease. Here are some of the causes of halitosis that can help raise awareness of the disease.

- Dry mouth and dehydration. For dry mouth or xerostomia is a cause of bad breath. Dry mouth is a good environment for bacteria to grow and cause bad breath. Morning breath is an example of the party and bacteria multiply in the mouth when the salivary glands to slow down his work. Taking in enough water and fluids not only moisturize your mouth, but the whole body as well. You should be aware that some drugs, and stop breathing through the mouth, can cause you to have a dry mouth, leading to bad breath.

- Gastro-intestinal problems, kidney and liver disorders, diabetes or other underlying medical conditions can also be the cause of halitosis. Digestive disorders indigestion, constipation and others can also cause bad breath smell foul as it is released from the gas in the stomach.

- Smoking can also cause bad breath and other than that stain teeth, it can also cause gum problems.

-Alcohol can also be a reason, because it often leads to digestive problems. Furthermore, it can also lead to drying of the mouth, which also provides an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply bad breath.

- Sinus infections, tonsil and other respiratory tract infections can also cause bacteria in the back of the throat, which can cause bad breath odor.

- Food is the common cause of halitosis. Spices such as garlic and onions are the most common bad breath caused by food. As long as these foods are removed from the body, will continue to contribute to bad breath while washing and rinsing the mouth to cover the odor temporarily.

- The lack of oral hygiene. Probably the most common cause of this condition and may be the main culprit of bad breath is lack of good dental hygiene. However, this can be solved easily get back on track with proper dental care - brushing, flossing and rinsing the mouth and tongue cleaning and visits to the dentist twice a year. Without proper dental care may also lead to tooth decay, plaque, tartar and gum, which also make the smell worse.

Understanding the causes of halitosis will actually give you ideas on how to deal with the disease, especially if you have a case of persistent bad breath, and in case of chronic bad breath that can not be eliminated simply by cleaning your mouth your doctor is always recommended.

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